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Camera - Nikon D200

So I got bored of posting photos from the film set. Well, I only had a couple of days on it to post from (at the time – by the time you read this I’ll have got a whole lot more!) and most of the rest, while great shots, aren’t really the sort of thing I like to post here. That is, there wasn’t a great deal of scope for creative editing with them and I do so like to play in Photoshop 😉

So, I treated myself to some proper ‘shopping around with this post. It’s a selection of images from our trip to America in summer last year and while it’s by no means the 6 ‘best’ images I thought it was a good balance of arty stuff and personal moments. They were all shot on the D200 and then I ran them through Poladroid, an application that mimics the effect of Polaroid, albeit quite randomly and probably far from fully realistically! But it’s fun and that’s what counts.

I converted them to 300ppi (because the app outputs at 70ppi, annoyingly) and dropped them on a paper texture with a drop shadow. Hey, it’s not realistic, it’s just fun. Hope you like!

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