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Camera - Apple iPhone 3G

Another iPhone creation today! This one employs both Quadcamera (made by Takayuki Fukatsu and available on the iTunes App Store here) and CameraBag. Quadcamera takes either 4 or 8 photos in quick succession (how quick depends on the setting you make in the options screen) then applies one of a handful of effects, with more coming soon apparently. It’s basically a sort of digital Supersampler.

Then I loaded it into Camerabag and tried all sorts of combinations of Lolo, Helga, 1962 and Cinema, and they were all pretty cool but I settled on this one which has Lolo applied to it twice to really set it on fire! It’s actually just a regular escalator with yellow painted edges. SO I think once you accept the limitations of the iPhone’s lens and sensor you can make pretty fun photos…

Here’s a couple of posts I made about iPhone photo apps recently on my news blog: one about Camerabag & Pano, and another about QuadCamera.

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