Will Super Mario Run be free for Android?

  I’ve been watching with mild disgust and very little surprise as the iOS community reveals itself to be largely made up of whingeing entitled little kids whose mummys and daddys clearly didn’t teach about how commerce works. It’s happened before, with the likes of Tweetbot, and now it’s Super Mario Run’s turn. A lot […]

Design: The worst thing about the New 3DS XL power button, and how Nintendo could fix it

This week I decided to take the plunge on Nintendo’s New 3DS XL, and I love it! But there’s one small problem: the power button is in precisely the wrong place, and how it works is about the least user-friendly it could be. The position is on the lower right front edge. It’s very close […]

How to get a Facebook Page vanity URL without 25 Likes

I’ve recently started a few Facebook pages for my various sites, such as my professional photography, a hobby review site I’m working on, and this site itself (myglasseye.net, in case you weren’t paying attention). When you create a Facebook fan page, by default it will have a URL that looks like this: facebook.com/pages/page-name/1234567654321. Pretty ugly. […]