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my glass eye is my personal photoblog, a sort of visual diary where I post images from my personal collection and occasionally a favourite from a professional job. You can move backwards and forwards through the photoblog section by clicking on the left or right of each image and read about the image or leave a comment by clicking ‘comments’.

my glass eye // news is my tech and geek blog where I post links, opinion, reviews and how-to articles related to photography, Mac and iOS software, and other geek-friendly stuff. I’m also using it to try and get better at self-editing and finding my voice in the written word.


Both sites have their own RSS feeds you can read in your app of choice. With Google Reader gone I recommend syncing your feeds through Feedly (free), Feed Wrangler or Feedbin (both paid).

You can also subscribe to updates by email. Drop your email in the box below for a weekly note with links and a brief excerpt of everything I’ve posted that week, to pick and choose what to read at your leisure.

about me

I’m Owen, a Scottish photographer and camera operator living in London no dogs, cats or goldfish. Or parrots. Or rodents. I had a hamster for two years but he died. And I had ants for a while but I soon put an end to that little party.

So, about me then. Okay… I guess I’m pretty lefty, it takes a fair bit to shock me, I watch or listen to or involuntarily quote Alan Partridge on average once a day, I’ve happily grown out of games like Call Of Duty and am much more a Prison Architect/State of Decay/XCOM kind of guy right now, my taste in comedy spans Louis CK to Friends via Always Sunny In Philadelphia and David Cross, I think Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who run has been brilliant fun, Man Of Steel was a 4/10 at best, and I absolutely loved Lost, yes even the ending, sort of. One day there will be another show as mysterious and magical as that one was at its best – like Westworld! 😉

licensing, prints & the ‘small print’ stuff

All content (text and images) is copyright protected with all rights reserved. If you’d like to buy a print from my photoblog just drop me a line via email – they are very affordable and can be shipped all over the world. If you would like to license images for use in a commercial or private project that’s cool too – get in touch to discuss your project and the budget and we’ll work something out.

Aaand finally, although I work for a variety of organisations both in a staff and freelance capacity, all views expressed by me on this site are my own and should not be considered those of anyone else.

Thanks for bothering to read all the way to the bottom – you may have a Jaffa Cake as a reward! 🙂

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