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Design: The worst thing about the New 3DS XL power button, and how Nintendo could fix it

This week I decided to take the plunge on Nintendo’s New 3DS XL, and I love it! But there’s one small problem: the power button is in precisely the wrong place, and how it works is about the least user-friendly it could be. The position is on the lower right front edge. It’s very close […]

MGMT’s new album a week early on Rdio


Just got an email from Rdio promoting their exclusive access to the new album by MGMT, along with a really pretty trippy video experience that ties in with the music, called the OPTIMISER. You’ll need to log in to Rdio in your browser or set up a free account and as you watch the trippy crab-headed dancer beckon you into the 1990s CG vortex you can glance down and watch the avatars of other Rdio users float along the timeline as they watch too. Which is nice 🙂

‘Previously, On Arrested Development’ updated with Season 4

arrested development npr

NPR’s brilliant resource for Arrested Development fans – Previously, On Arrested Development – has been updated (probably ages ago but I only just realised) with all the gags from Season 4. If you haven’t already heard about this, it’s a cool cross-referenced online ‘encyclopaedia’ of the vast range of running jokes on the once-cancelled-now-resurrected comedy […]

Creation, consumption & the ‘post-PC world’

I am getting frustrated with continuing arguments over whether the iPad, or tablets in general, are capable of ‘content creation’ or whether they are only good for ‘content consumption’; and what ‘post-PC world’ even means when PCs are still the most used device in professional computing. The whole “is it any good for content creation?” […]

moo.com: a tale of excellent customer service

When was the last time you were blown away by amazing customer service, and who was it? For me it was yesterday, and Moo.com. It’s the start of the year and I’m planning to take my event and fine art photography business up a notch, so my website is down for a redesign and I’m […]