Newsletter FAQ

If you’ve received a Newsletter email from and are wondering why, the answer is almost certainly “because you subscribed”! Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions, and some answers that should help.

“Why am I getting ‘newsletter’ emails from you?”

I send out an automated weekly-ish round-up of any new posts on to everyone on my Subscriber Newsletter mailing list, which is powered by Mailchimp.

If you are receiving these emails then you must have added your email address to the mailing list at some point. Depending on how often I post, these newsletter emails can be very infrequent so if you signed up a while ago it’s perfectly possible you’ve simply forgotten – sorry for leaving it so long, I blame myself entirely!

“I definitely didn’t sign up to this mailing list!”

It’s almost impossible for that to happen, thanks to Mailchimp’s two-step sign-up process called ‘Double Opt In’.

First, you enter your email address into a Subscribe box (under every post), or in exchange for download links for my Photoshop Actions (Hipstamatic-style, or Comicbook-style).

Then you’re sent an automatic ‘Comfirmation’ email which invites you to click a link to confirm you’d like to join the mailing list.

This ‘Double Opt In’ ensures nobody ever gets added to the list without specifically confirming it via their own private email account. Because of this I can say with certainty that you definitely did sign up at some point and I can even look up the date for you if you like! 😉

“I didn’t enter my email address, and I didn’t click a confirmation link in any email!”

If that was true then you shouldn’t be on my email list, because I absolutely do not add anyone to the list manually. If you’re 100% sure you neither entered your email address, nor clicked a confirmation link, you should check your email account security immediately as someone must have done both of those things or you wouldn’t be on the list.

“So can I unsubscribe please?”

Absolutely, just scroll to the bottom of the email you received and you’ll see an UNSUBSCRIBE link. Just click that, you’ll receive one more email to confirm your removal, and we’re all done! No hard feelings, I unsubscribe from emails I’m not interested in any more all the time 🙂

“I’m going to report you for spam.”

Unfortunately some folk have tried this while unsubscribing, which is a bit mean as I absolutely do not spam my subscribers.

When someone decides to complain that I’m spamming them, Mailchimp take a look at my account. They check how I’ve added subscribers to my list (100% of my subscribers add themselves via Double Opt In) and they check how often I send emails and what the content is (I send emails infrequently, and 99% are simply ‘blog round-up’ newsletters) and that’s the end of that. All you’ve done is give someone at Mailchimp twenty minutes of unnecessary work.

I’m sorry you don’t like the ‘ Newsletter’, and/or don’t remember signing up for it, but I don’t spam my subscribers.