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How-Tos Archives - my glass eye • words

How to get a Facebook Page vanity URL without 25 Likes

I’ve recently started a few Facebook pages for my various sites, such as my professional photography, a hobby review site I’m working on, and this site itself (myglasseye.net, in case you weren’t paying attention). When you create a Facebook fan page, by default it will have a URL that looks like this: facebook.com/pages/page-name/1234567654321. Pretty ugly. […]

How to sync your Colonization save game on a Mac

I just got stuck into Civ IV: Colonization for Mac after it was on sale on Steam (although it’s also available on the Mac App Store if you prefer), and I’m rather enjoying it. However, I’d like to not necessarily be tied to my iMac in the study, lovely as it is. Sometimes you just want to grab a laptop and hunker down on the sofa next to your loved one who insists on spending the day watching guff on Netflix… 😉 Here’s how to roll your own syncing solution for free using Dropbox.

Another way to watch Netflix from anywhere in the world

overplay vpn

Okay, so this is a pretty geeky post, but that’s what my blog is for so that’s okay 😉 I’ve talked about how to watch any Netflix library from anywhere in the world before, using Unblock Us, but I’ve found another service that also offers an encrypted VPN: Overplay.

Personally I’m very happy with Unblock Us but if you need something a little more powerful and further-reaching, Overplay might be for you. Shame about their grungy website, though…

GeoRiot makes international iTunes & Amazon affiliation easy

Amazon iTunes Affiliate GeoRiot

Amazon and iTunes affiliation is big business – entire sites are devoted to reviewing products available in their stores, referring potential shoppers and attaching an affiliation cookie along the way that nets the referrer a small percentage of any sales subsequently made. I use affiliate links on this site when I review apps and it brings in about £120 a year which covers running costs and some beers and pizzas.

I take all the hard work out of it by using GeoRiot to automatically send my international visitors to the right store – and collect the referral from the correct affiliate program at the same time. If you’re a blogger using the iTunes and Amazon affiliate programs you should definitely check out what GeoRiot offers and start bringing in referrals from around the world for virtually no extra effort.

Plus, their CEO Jesse Lakes is the guy that answers the support emails – that’s very cool.

How to migrate Pixelpost to WordPress

migrate pixelpost wordpress

Until recently I’d been using Pixelpost to power my photoblog, ‘my glass eye • pictures‘ but that software is long in the tooth and not well supported any more. Times have moved on so I decided to migrate Pixelpost to Wordpress. It was surprisingly easy with only a few little hiccups, all of which I managed to solve.

This post details how I did it – first I go through the basic steps you need to take to migrate your own Pixelpost photoblog to Wordpress, then a section on the problems I had and how I solved them.

How to watch US Netflix from anywhere in the world

us netflix from uk

If you’d like to view Netflix libraries from around the world there’s a variety of easy-to-use ‘unblocking’ services out there that can make that happen for you, cheaply, easily and legally. The big two are Unblock US and Blockless. Both offer a free 7-day trial that doesn’t even require a credit card, and both cost $4.99 a month after that, with no contract.

Here’s a quick look at how they work and which one I went with.