notting hill gate tube

Camera - Nikon D700
  • Aperture: f/3.5
  • Focal Length: 24mm
  • ISO: 2500
  • Shutter: 1/160 sec
  • Camera: NIKON D700

Digging around in the folders I found a trio of shots I snapped coming out of Notting Hill Gate tube station a couple of weeks ago. I’d been coming home from a photo job in Soho and was taken by the symmetry of the escalator tunnel on the way out. Of course, most escalator tunnels look the same, but this one looked nice and clean and I had my camera with me so…

First off I changed the white balance as I’d shot in RAW but it was set to ‘Auto’ and had got it spectacularly wrong, bathing it in a very tungsteny warm glow that for some reason sort of made sense to my eye right up until I changed it to 3700K Fluorescent and it pinged into beautiful clean white fluorescent light.

I handheld so the three images weren’t quite aligned. I opened them in one file as three layers and used Auto-Align on them. It shunted them into alignment, then I added layer masks to each layer and with the painted in the two additional instances of the man in the red scarf using the masks. Bit of straightening and cropping to finish that bit off.

Then there’s a curve layer using the CS4 cross processed preset, set to Soft Light for some colour and the contrast, another curve to give the ceiling more contrast and a curve to lighten the midtones. No vignette!

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