nuclear microwave

Camera - Nikon D200
  • Aperture: f/5.6
  • Focal Length: 31mm
  • ISO: 800
  • Shutter: 1/80 sec
  • Camera: NIKON D200

This shot was a total accident and breaks two ‘rules’ of photography that I usually stick to – the white balance is all wrong and there’s blown highlights all over it – but I really love the effect, which proves that rules are meant to be smashed into tiny little pieces sometimes.

The shot is taken behind the set of Something For The Weekend, a Sunday morning show on BBC2, but I took it during the week while the set was packed up against the wall of the studio. I was playing with my flash and LumiQuest softbox and some gels. The flash was gelled for fluorescent lights but the camera was white balanced for tungsten, and I accidentally took a shot while I was holding the flash in one hand and trying to change a setting on the camera with my other. The flash was too powerful and blew out all the detail in this shot (which I’ve rotated a little, to straighten it) but I saved it all the same as there was something appealing about it.

It’s almost straight out the camera – the only processing is a B&W layer set to Multiply blending as that brings back a lot of detail where there already was some, and a hand-drawn vignette (I used to use an automatic vignette action but recently I’ve started hand-drawing them with a lasso set to 250 pixel feathering).

Let me know what you think!

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