shadows and railings

Camera - Nikon D200

Something a little abstract today – we’ve had gorgeous weather in London in the last week, much to the chagrin on my relatives in the altogether colder and damper climes of Scotland! I took this on a break at Market Kitchen, in Kentish Town. The building used for the studio is a converted warehouse that now houses a number of shows and some production offices. It overlooks a Chinese laundrette (the vibrations from which can be felt in the studio when it gets going!) and this is the fire escape railings against the corrugated metal roof of the laundrette.

Processing info: almost straight out the camera, just a little contrast added with a Curve, lifted a little with a Levels layer, and a vignette.

Strobist info: one light, camera right above the frame, approximately 91 million miles away. No gel or scrim… 😉

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