skylight at 33

Camera - Nikon D200

Double meaning in the title there – sort of. I turned 33 on January 23rd this year (although this was shot on the 17th) and it was shot at 33 Portland Place in London. It was early in the day so the blue outside is basically dawn light. The rest of the light comes from some ‘daylight balance’ lights on the 1st floor (2nd floor if you’re reading this in American 😉 ). The shot was taken in this orientation but I had to flip it in Photoshop because the angle confused the camera and made it come out the other way around.

Barely any processing really, and lazily I processed it the other day and am only uploading it now because ‘life got in the way’, so I’ve sort of forgotten what I did to it, but the most significant element was reducing the ISO noise considerably using Dfine 2.0. I generally use it to clean up the noise almost completely on a different layer, then reduce the opacity of that layer to re-introduce some noise and detail or else I find it looks a bit too clinical. Of course I could just make the adjustments in Dfine to get that balance right, but it’s easier to overdo it slightly on it’s own layer and then use a mask or lower opacity to fine tune it after the fact.

That’s the beauty of layers!

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