three ways with a smashed phonebox

Camera - Nikon D200

Here’s a nice result from a trawl through my ‘archives’ of unprocessed photos. These are from a wander around London with my 50mm lens in the middle of last year. I’d found this phonebox and been photographing the smashed bits from the outside, before realising they’d look a lot better from inside. I have about a dozen shots of people and cars driving through the frame and finally settled on these three, but there was a nice shot of three people walking together I really wanted to use but it looked a bit too busy.

Processed with all sorts of layers applying effects to all three images including contrast and brightness and desaturation, with 50% brushes used to paint over some layers to create differing degrees of effect on each image. There’s also a curve clipped to each individual photo with different tweaks to the RGB curves to differentiate the colouring from one to the other. Fun to fiddle with but a hefty PSD file.

Cheers for reading!

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