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How to get a Facebook Page vanity URL without 25 Likes

I’ve recently started a few Facebook pages for my various sites, such as my professional photography, a hobby review site I’m working on, and this site itself (, in case you weren’t paying attention).

When you create a Facebook fan page, by default it will have a URL that looks like this: Pretty ugly. It used to be that you needed 25 Likes for that page before you could use the ‘vanity URL’ option to change it to something like: Back in 2011 Facebook changed that rule to allow a vanity URL when you set up the page, with no Likes required.


I just tried to create a vanity URL for this site’s Facebook page, and it told me I needed 25 Likes. Hmm. Why? Did a bit of Googling, turns out that actually every admin only has one single ‘free pass’ to create an immediate vanity URL. After you’ve used it, you’ll need 25 Likes again.

Like I say, I’m an Admin for several Pages on Facebook. The first time I created a vanity URL using was for my photography Facebook page, using my free pass. When I earned over 25 Likes for that page I must have been granted a second free pass (or I got a ‘refund’ on it!) which I inadvertently used on a page for a different site I’m building.

So now I’ve got no free passes, which means every new vanity URL I try to set up will require 25 Likes.

The solution

In order to earn an immediate ‘free pass’ to create a vanity URL for my new Facebook page without waiting to accrue those 25 Likes I can add a new admin to my FB page. It has to be someone I know and trust and who has not yet used up their ‘vanity URL free pass’ and doesn’t want to use it themselves.

Once they’re added to the page Admins they can log in to the page and create the vanity URL straight away!

Obviously you’re going to want to have someone you trust completely do this – a family member or good friend. And, just to be sure, I’d be sitting over their shoulder while they do it! 😉

Hope this helps, thanks for reading!

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I'm a Glasgow-born stills photographer and camera operator living and working in London, UK. As well as cameras I'm into writing, gaming, general geekery and beers by Brew Dog.

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Thank you for the tip man, It absolutely worked. I just have a comment, Facebook gives you a Free Pass more than one time, I don´t know if it´s once at year or what.

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