Juliette Garside’s clickbait Apple articles in The Guardian

Juliette Garside’s pair of amateurish clickbait articles in The Guardian recently really got on my tits so I had a little rant about it.

In the last couple of days, the Guardian newspaper published two brilliant pieces by Juliette Garside about Apple, and why they’re going down the pan one way or another.

I say brilliant, I mean brilliantly trashy. Pure and utter click bait. And it worked, hundreds upon hundreds of comments piled in below the speculative, lazy bullshit and bollocks she spewed out onto the page. Brilliant for page hits, brilliant for advertising revenue for the Guardian.

This week I took Guardian Tech out of my bookmarks, they don’t need my eyeballs when they’re publishing that sort of crap. I prefer to read well-reasoned insight, not have my time wasted by clickbait. It’s why I avoid anything by Daniel Eran Dilger these days – life’s too short.

To be honest, after the Guardian’s resident Apple cheerleader published of Apple Maps "don’t worry – its very good", a pronouncement he based on having given it a bit of a go between his house and the Guardian offices and that’s all, I should have stopped reading their nonsense then.

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