Poster for WordPress bought by Automattic

One of my favourite iOS apps, Poster (I’m using it to post this!), is no longer available having been bought by Automattic, the company run by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweng, and removed from the App Store.

I’m happy for Tom Witkin, Poster’s developer, because it’s great when a one-man operation is validated by the very company whose own consistently Godawful app he sought to improve upon, but I fear that this was an acqui-hire and that the stuff that made Poster great won’t make it into the official WordPress app any time soon. I’d love to be proved wrong.

Here’s what I loved about Poster, that I’d like to see in the official WordPress app as soon as possible:

– shortcuts for tags
– TextExpanderTouch support
– custom URL workflow support, Drafts/Launch Center Pro style
– custom fields
– Markdown support
– 1Password login support
– a clean, lightweight UI

Believe it or not the official WordPress app doesn’t have any of those features at present; it’s consistently and ironically been the worst option for posting to WordPress from iOS, which of course makes this acquisition so valuable for them.

I hope I’m not disappointed, and that Tom is allowed to do to their app what he did so well with Poster, as well as more new and exciting things.

When Simplenote was bought by Automattic they kept it running and vowed not to interfere, but no such luck with Poster. However, obviously it makes more sense in this case to retire Poster and bring the developer in-house to polish the product he was successfully competing against. I just hope they actually let him do that.

RIP, Poster. You will live on as long as possible on my phone and iPad. And congratulations/fingers-crossed to Tom Witkin!