I had a bit of an accident with my iPhone – sort of shattered the back glass panel. I booked a Genius Bar appointment and the soonest was at the new Covent Garden store. I’d heard it was beautiful inside, so took my camera along and got some nice shots as well as having the iPhone completely replaced for free! I think I was rather lucky there.

I decided to stick with JPG when shooting and found that perhaps this might have been one time shooting RAW would have been worth it. Getting the white balance right in there was a case of checking in each different room as there’s just about every light source imaginable going on – fluorescent-style panels and tungsten is everywhere, and daylight pours through the glass ceiling in the courtyard and stairwells. Getting them home, I wanted to change the white balance on a bunch of them so some these have had some Levels and Curves tweaks just to get them looking sort of okay. I think a few of them would take really well to further processing but here’s my ‘raw-ish’ favourites.

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