UPDATED: David Lowery got $16.89 for a million plays on Pandora

David Lowery compares how many royalties he gets from Pandora, Sirius XM and US radio, and argues convincingly that Pandora should change their business model instead of asking Congress for permission to pay even less. However, make sure you follow the links to Michael Degusta’s reply piece which strongly questions Lowery’s maths or at least his transparency.

UPDATE: It turns out that Mr Lowery may have got his sums a little wrong, or at least not told quite the whole story. Michael Degusta has posted a reply questioning the maths.


Link: My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times And All I Got Was $16.89!

Performer David Lowery is sharing how much he makes from Pandora, Sirius XM and US radio airtime, to make the point that Pandora already pays appallingly low rates and is petitioning US Congress to get away with paying even less.

Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t Pandora get off the couch and get an actual business model instead of asking for a handout from congress and artists? For instance: Right now Pandora plays one minute of commercials an hour on their free service. Here’s an idea! Play two minutes of commercials and double your revenue! (Sirius XM plays 13 minutes and charges a subscription).

I pay the full subscription for Rdio (I like the focus on albums and prefer the layout to Spotify’s darker look) and while I’m probably not quite using it to the max I feel I get my £9.99’s worth. But I don’t really know where Rdio and Spotify stand in the royalties league table.

If they are as paltry as Pandora, will I reconsider? I’m not sure.

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