How I got my old A1088 Airport Express plug to work on Mountain Lion

I have a really old A1088 Airport Express plug, which I believe is one of the first. The latest version of the Airport Utility for Mountain Lion doesn’t work with the A1088, and requires you to install version 5.6 from Apple. I already had this installed, but I was having a problem coaxing the Airport Express back onto my network after I had to get a new router recently. It was much trickier than I’d expected but I finally cracked it! Maybe this will work for you.

An Insp-Apple-Executive-Assistant-ector Calls

On Tuesday this week I emailed Tim Cook after I read about Mat Honan’s Mac being wiped via iCloud’s Remote Wipe feature. I pointed out that Apple has tremendous control over my data now, partly via iCloud but especially Remote Wipe. What happened to Mat is an example of why people warn about over-reliance on […]