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iPhone review: Stow – a slick packing checklist app

stow packing app

Stow would be a very useful app for the frequent traveller, but I don’t travel that much. Instead, I got Stow to see if I could use it as an equipment checklist when I’m packing for photography shoots, and it’s working well. I’ve created a template list containing all my kit, and I can remove items to suit each shoot. There’s a few niggles, but nothing to stop me recommending it!

London tube apps: three of the best

london tube apps review

If you live in London or are just visiting as a tourist, chances are you spend a lot of time on the tube. Here’s three London tube apps I use regularly: Tube Tracker and Tube Deluxe both do pretty much the same job of planning your route, finding nearby stations and tracking those pesky delays, and Tube Exits is a genius app that tells you which carriage to get on, shaving minutes off your journey during rush hour.

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Poster for WordPress bought by Automattic

The best iOS app for Wordpress, Poster, by Tom Witkin, has been bought out by… Wordpress! Congratulations to Tom, who now works at Automattic where hopefully he’ll soon be able to implement some Poster-style improvements to the official Wordpress app which, ironically, has always been the weakest option for iOS users.

My essential Mac, iPhone and iPad apps

Over the years I’ve picked up dozens of Mac apps and hundreds of iOS apps. New software comes and goes but over time the real keepers make themselves indispensable. I’ve now got a core of essential Mac and iOS apps that I turn to regularly, often as part of a workflow, so I thought I’d let you pick over them to see if there’s something cool that’s new to you. There’s also a bit about the hardware I use at the end.

How to backup your Mac

Most computer-minded people will have read all about Mat Honan’s ‘educational’ experience being hacked last week. He posted the full story over at Wired and it’s a must-read whether you’ve got your own backup strategies or not. If you’re up to speed you’ll know there were a couple of key stages in the process where […]