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Bike Repair, a useful app that practically pays for itself

bike repair appBike Repair is a photographic guide to the 80-odd most common repairs and adjustments you’d need to make on a bike. I picked it up to save myself a bit of money on servicing and repairs and I’ve learned a few things about the art of bicycle maintenance along the way.

Recently it’s grown to include price comparisons, cycling forums and a personal bike log, but it’s the repair instructions I’m there for. These are split into ‘Problems’ and ‘Guides’ – pick the issue that sounds like yours and discover what’s likely to be causing it along with a link to the relevant photographic guides to do the fix yourself.

bike repair app guide

The photos are bright and clear with detailed, legible annotations, and there’s a photographic glossary available to brush up on the terminology. A pro may well know all this stuff already but for the budding novice willing to get his hands dirty it’s an excellent resource.

Perfect for keen cycling amateurs

When I first got my bike, which I only really use for tootling around Wandsworth in London, I had no real idea how to maintain it so when the first big issue cropped up (brake cables fraying) it was tempting to run it in to Evans Cycles for a tune up.

But I figured if I can code a website I could probably handle a brake cable so I looked the process up in Bike Repair, got stuck in and felt very pleased with myself afterwards – yes I know now that it’s a piece of cake, but let me have my moment!

Total cost, about four quid to cover the app and new cabling versus about a tenner to have my local place do it for me, so the app paid for itself twice over the first time I used it.

Since then I’ve handled a full brake replacement, an afternoon cleaning the chain and gear set, and fine adjustment of the gear cable tension. It’s almost always easier than I’d expected so I’ve grown in confidence and have picked up a few more bike tools. I’m not quite for a whole inner tube and tyre replacement just yet, but I watched the bike repair shop do it the other day and reckon I could handle it now.

bike repair iphone

There’s a few apps on my phone I don’t often have call for but I know I would definitely regret deleting. Bike Repair (£2.49) is one of those, so if you’re a cyclist that could do with a helping hand I recommend picking it up.

Thanks for reading!