GeoRiot makes international iTunes & Amazon affiliation easy

Amazon iTunes Affiliate GeoRiot

Amazon and iTunes affiliation is big business – entire sites are devoted to reviewing products available in their stores, referring potential shoppers and attaching an affiliation cookie along the way that nets the referrer a small percentage of any sales subsequently made. I use affiliate links on this site when I review apps and it brings in about £120 a year which covers running costs and some beers and pizzas.

I take all the hard work out of it by using GeoRiot to automatically send my international visitors to the right store – and collect the referral from the correct affiliate program at the same time. If you’re a blogger using the iTunes and Amazon affiliate programs you should definitely check out what GeoRiot offers and start bringing in referrals from around the world for virtually no extra effort.

Plus, their CEO Jesse Lakes is the guy that answers the support emails – that’s very cool.