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Attention PixelPost users: Graph Paper Press to release photoblog themes for WordPress in 2012

Graph Paper Press got in touch to let me know they have some dedicated photoblogging themes coming soon; PixelPost users looking to switch, this is the news you were waiting for!

UPDATE August 2013: The theme I was waiting for is now running on my photoblog and I’ve written a full guide to migrating from Pixelpost here. The theme is called Retouch Pro and although I had to tweak it a little to fit my design it’s working extremely well. Check it out!

ORIGINAL POST: Attention, PixelPost users looking to switch to WordPress – this is the news you’ve been waiting for!

My photoblog originally ran on the Blogger site and was called i-Shot. After a year or so I got the confidence to set up my own site using PixelPost software, which I branded my glass eye.

PixelPost was great software – created by and for photobloggers all you had to do was install the code, pick a theme, and get posting. Sadly in 2009 the developers had to officially cease supporting the project as they had real jobs and there just wasn’t the financial support to keep it going. The software still works but looking to the future I would prefer not to be reliant on code that is no longer supported.

The site you’re reading now and my portfolio site both run on WordPress using themes created by Graph Paper Press. I’ve seen a lot of premium theme developers in the WordPress community but GPP are by far my favourites, with over two dozen slick and highly customisable themes. Even their free themes are impressive.

But there’s no real photoblog theme. They have one called Uno which is aimed at photobloggers who also want to make text posts, but it’s not as simple as a PixelPost theme and although the guys in the superb Support Forum were tireless in helping me tweak all the code to bash the theme into the sort of shape I wanted it, the basic design wouldn’t satisfy the long-term PixelPost user, especially one who had no desire to leap into the guts of the code to tweak it.

I started a thread in the forum listing the sorts of things I felt a good photoblog theme should start with, there was a bit of back and forth with their guys, and this morning Thad Allender posted the following reply:

“… many thanks for all your feedback. We will build a theme (or two or three) that cater to your needs. There seems to be sufficient demand. Please feel free to spread the word in the PixelPost community if you want. We will have the theme ready by the middle of January.”

This is great news, especially as I’ve long since stopped posting to my photoblog while I tinkered with a potential switch to WordPress. Now that could be as soon as next month.

Thanks, Graph Paper Press, and also Merry Christmas everyone!

(or Happy Hanukkah, or Splendid Saturnalia, or whatever other festival you choose to honour in your family!)

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to comment on anything I’m @myglasseye on Twitter.

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I'm a Glasgow-born stills photographer and camera operator living and working in London, UK. As well as cameras I'm into writing, gaming, general geekery and beers by Brew Dog.

3 replies on “Attention PixelPost users: Graph Paper Press to release photoblog themes for WordPress in 2012”

Hi there, I’m still a pixepost user and I’ve been looking for a wordpress theme that would allow me to migrate, just like you! I’d love to beta test that as well, I’l drop a word to the GPP guys in the forums maybe. Will keep an eye on your blog too.

(amazing work you do btw, congrats!)


Hi Andre,

Access to the forums is to paid-up subscribers of Graph Paper Press themes so you would need to contact them via their website, but contact from potential customers to let them know their work is highly anticipated can only be a good thing all round!

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