‘Previously, On Arrested Development’ updated with Season 4

NPR’s brilliant resource for Arrested Development fans – Previously, On Arrested Development – has been updated (probably ages ago but I only just realised) with all the gags from Season 4.

arrested development npr

If you haven’t already heard about this, it’s a cool cross-referenced online ‘encyclopaedia’ of the vast range of running jokes on the once-cancelled-now-resurrected comedy show, Arrested Development. Even the name of the site is an in-joke – there was never a ‘Previously…’ lead-in on the show but at the end of each episode they always do a ‘Next time on Arrested Development’ bit that’s never actually in the next episode, but stuffs in a few more gags from the one you just watched.

I loved the first three seasons, when I finally got round to watching them. And then I rewatched them again and again, and was very excited when Netflix announced they were making a fourth season. Sadly that fourth season wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped. I enjoyed it for the most part and there were some truly brilliant moments – I particularly loved Michael and George Michael’s exchange of lies over the phone – but Portia De Rossi’s bizarre new face and the forced focus on one character per episode conspired to regularly jolt me out of the moment. Maybe I just need to watch it again sometime but I’m not really in any rush, which is quite telling…

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