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How to put two photos side by side in Instagram

Looking for a way to put two photos side by side in Instagram, or for a collage or montage you’re making? You’ll need an app for that and I highly recommend Diptic (99¢), a 5-star, top-grossing app that’s even been featured by Apple. It’s easy to use with plenty of options to play with, works great on iPhones and iPads, and sends your multi-photo creations to pretty much anywhere you can think of, including, of course, Instagram.

instagram collages with DipticWhenever I need to make a photo collage on my iPhone, or put two screenshots side by side for a blog post, I use Diptic (99¢). It’s easy to use with plenty of options and sends your creations to pretty much anywhere you can think of, including, of course, Instagram.

It’s Universal too, and works great on the iPad, or Diptic for Mac (99¢) is also available if you’d prefer to make collages from the comfort of your laptop or desktop Mac.

Check Diptic out on the App Store, or read on for my quick review of how the app works.

Getting started with Diptic

To start making collages, launch Diptic and pick a layout. All the layouts that come with the app produce a square collage, as befits something destined for Instagram, but the range of photo frame shapes and sizes that fit within that square is wide enough to meet most needs, starting simple and getting as fancy as stars in circles – you can even start dragging the frames around to make new shapes that fit your photos.

The frames themselves can be tweaked all sorts of ways, including roundness of corners, colour and thickness, or using a texture. Want your frames to sport a classy zebra-skin effect? No problemo…


What if you want a rectangular montage, comprising two square photos side by side for example? Well, then you’d have to purchase an upgrade to unlock an aspect ratio control.

There’s a variety of in-app purchases in Diptic: new sets of layouts, new textures for the frames, and the aspect ratio control. All these are 99¢/69p and none are essential so it’s fair enough, but if you really want to use Diptic for anything aside from Instagram I recommend getting the aspect control as it’s really useful – I used it to put the two screenshots above together as one image.

Adding and editing images

Adding photos to your collage is as easy as shooting them for each frame, or choosing from your Photo Albums, Facebook or Flickr. Once in place there’s a handful of editing options (brightness, contrast, saturation and tint) and a whole range of filters that can be applied to individual snaps, useful if you used the camera in-app to fill a frame. Any blank frames you want to keep can be filled with a colour if you like.


There’s also some limited options to add text to your photos, offering a variety of fairly standard fonts, outline and drop-shadow effects, rotation and background. It definitely does the job, although if you’re looking for funkier fonts and more options for adding text to iPhone photos take a look at an app called Over (read my review of Over here).

When you’re finished you can save and upload your collage right from the app, to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or Twitter; or export to any compatible apps you have installed. Recent updates have even added the ability to order a postcard and mail it anywhere in the world using


Plus, it’s Universal so you get the iPad version thrown in. There’s me using it to throw together something a little different with a couple of photos from my day job as a TV camera operator.

In conclusion

Diptic is by far the most popular option for creating photo collages on your iPhone or iPad, with good reason. I keep it installed because of the easy-to-use interface and the flexibility of creating non-square collages, which are good for so many more places than just Instagram. And don’t forget to give the Mac version of Diptic a try too!


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