There’s been quite a few Hipstamatic lens/film packs released since I last posted my ‘every lens and film combination’ image last year. Actually, it turns out that a few of them were limited edition and they aren’t available any more. I stopped using Hipstamatic for quite a while and I missed a couple of these, including Melodie and Salvador 84. Personally I think it’s a shame they decided to make limited editions – I’d happily fork over the 59p each for sets that included these lenses so that I could have a complete set.

So, I currently have 9 lenses and 12 films installed in my copy of the app and so I made up a revised table of combinations. I did do a set of shots using one particular combo and then each of the flashes but to be honest I think the flash effects aren’t that great so I made an editorial decision not to bother with them for this, which took long enough as it is! 😉

(click to view large, or see the original over at Flickr)

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2 thoughts on “Hipstamatic: a comparison of the latest films and lenses

  1. Any chance you have an updated version with new lenses? I’d love to have this as a PDF or a larger format chart that I could use as a guide. Thanks for doing this.

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